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Fox_Top Trash
Comment from : Fox_Top Trash

Gary Sharp
This is not how card counting works lol🤣🤣
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Layla - Classic Mallefic gunner
That’s how carlsen sits in tournaments

Comment from : Layla - Classic Mallefic gunner

Casinos these days have gotten smart. Instead of having a shoe brought it, after playing the hand, they immediately insert them into a machine for shuffling so it makes it impossible to count.
Comment from : einsteinboricua

Tomas Santos177
3:00 No one ever does that
Comment from : Tomas Santos177

dog guy
They forgot to calculate true count. . .
Comment from : dog guy

Stanford Leeham
I cant count the poker game and blackjack no body want to teach how it working out?
Comment from : Stanford Leeham

akira hellkaiser
Sora and shiro (blank): hold my beer

Comment from : akira hellkaiser

Catur Mulyono
He would be god of gamblers
Comment from : Catur Mulyono

Gary Lu Productions
It would have been sick if he split those 8s and got two hands of 11, doubled down on both, get two hands of 21 and the dealer busts.
Comment from : Gary Lu Productions

Adriana Mazzarolo
what's the name of scene's soundtrack?
Comment from : Adriana Mazzarolo

Jim .Sottosanti
People think you have to be a genius to count cards. It’s actually knowing the basic formula and counting hi low
Comment from : Jim .Sottosanti

Joe Sawyer
Lol, people in this section talking about hi lo......
Comment from : Joe Sawyer

EPIC scene, as if adding +1 and -1 takes that long in your head and goes slow motion
Comment from : AntiC4mper

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