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Culturexit Eparla
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habil sahid
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Comment from : habil sahid

jack life still bad jacky
I have small quastion usualy when players tip the dealer the tip go for him or for the casino ?
Comment from : jack life still bad jacky

Ads Li
yeah i can see House always win. DON'T GAMBLE GUYS, WASTE OF MONEY
Comment from : Ads Li

Quashaun Deberry
There were two 2 of hearts
Comment from : Quashaun Deberry

David Garringer, Jr.
They’re using Cartamundi Blackjack Playing Cards.
Comment from : David Garringer, Jr.

mulyono dad
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El wason 502
Thats a rip-off
Comment from : El wason 502

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Elijah Campbell
So if the dealer has a higher number than the player they are out?
Comment from : Elijah Campbell

Hemant Shah
Very good explanation given by the dealer. I love dealer teaching method. I saw 10 videos on YouTube, out of that this is the excellent explanation video. Thank you very much.
Comment from : Hemant Shah

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On 6:50 why does the dealer win?
Comment from : Aaron

Now I know how to play blackjack.

Edit: Anyone wanna gofund me?

Comment from : MERRIT

Thanks for the visuals
Comment from : NO ITS PATRICK

Arjan Kuiten
The best way is to eliminate the bust yourself option. This way you get an edge over the dealer.
Comment from : Arjan Kuiten

Comment from : 윤면상

x NWO x PacMan
Hands are set
Comment from : x NWO x PacMan

I remember playing Blackjack in Vegas. Just two hands. The dealer moves so fast my eyes couldn't keep up with it. It was a humbling experience I had a Push and lost to the dealer on the following hand.
Comment from : SinonMiqote

Takie tam
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Niko Kovanen
Comment from : Niko Kovanen

Rishabh Malhotra
Nice explaination...
Comment from : Rishabh Malhotra

They stole the video

Comment from : 김준범

Bruno da Silva Brandão
Comment from : Bruno da Silva Brandão

Korakrit Suthaphan
haha suck
Comment from : Korakrit Suthaphan

Mendez Incorporation
I go t scared at the ending music popping up. Lol
Comment from : Mendez Incorporation

Juan Garcia-Gonzalez
A really great explanation compared to other videos. I like that it shows more players because most likely a table will be full on a weekend
Comment from : Juan Garcia-Gonzalez

Jason Little
U 4got to say that she could surrender you said she only has three choices
Comment from : Jason Little

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Comment from : ดา ด้า

Gary Sharp
Blackjack is boring I prefer spending my money at the movies or a go to a good sporting event
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Does every casino do hand signals or just this one?
Comment from : Danny

Comment from : Bartek990

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Comment from : MrPvdb

C Bass
Wow is it really this easy? Or is there something else that was left out
Comment from : C Bass

Salil Wilson
Good lesson. Thank you!
Comment from : Salil Wilson

Rattle.S Simon
말이 많어~그냥 게임을 해도 다 아는데~설명이 길어요?
Comment from : Rattle.S Simon

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Comment from : SK TV

G. Moore
So the dealer stops hitting once he beats a player, but doesnt he want to beat as many players as possible? Nevermind.. dealer stops hitting once he has 17 or mas.
Comment from : G. Moore

Arjun Capistrano
He forgot to offer insurance
Comment from : Arjun Capistrano

Melik Zhu
See, the players almost never win
Comment from : Melik Zhu

Ali&D&ali AliD
Comment from : Ali&D&ali AliD

Smug Smugly
Here's an idea You give me half the money you were going to bet, we go out back...I'll kick you in the nuts and we'll call it a day?
Comment from : Smug Smugly

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Hi, just want to tell you that you are doing great job. Nice video, very clear and easy make sence!
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siamand mnt
Casino always wins
Comment from : siamand mnt

Are players allowed to bring the basic strategy cards to the table?
Comment from : Jokerizbadass

Do casinos have a way of telling if an extra chip has been giving out by mistake I wonder??
Comment from : jerro19711971

الفرعون المصري
lol where is the really money xd
Comment from : الفرعون المصري

Steven Holmes
Is this the ladies man teaching us?
Comment from : Steven Holmes

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Comment from : Cvbn 34

imran smd
Blackjack is 1:3 game
Comment from : imran smd

Comment from : vahelpers

J Batiste
I see that Mexican turnover LOL
Comment from : J Batiste

Donnie still HERE
so easy to understand! (especially after doing a bit of reading online on the basic rules and strategies. RESEARCH)
Comment from : Donnie still HERE

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YouTube Index
Thanks this cleared so many problems it was confusing on the bicycle app
Comment from : YouTube Index

Michael Erwin
This tutorial was so good..... I chuckled a bit after viewing..... it was good.
Comment from : Michael Erwin

How do I know if the casino I'm going to, allows splitting 10 and face cards? Do I ask? That's stupid in my opinion
Comment from : Dystopic

Cowboy Tuga
Comment from : Cowboy Tuga

Piedad Stoffel
Basic strategy is for losers
Comment from : Piedad Stoffel

huggin muggin
Newcastle upon Tyne?
Comment from : huggin muggin

Rajendra Vairagi

Thanks for sharing. Blackjack 21! is real casino card game. Download Now:

Comment from : Rajendra Vairagi

Best I've watched on YouTube. Thanks
Comment from : emajon

My left ear enjoyed this video
Comment from : SilverSnake

great lesson, too bad audio is only one ear haha
Comment from : stevchav

Isaiah Prater
1/4 hands
Its a 60% chance the dealer wins out of 4 hands. You have a 40% chance
If the dealer's 1st hand is blackjack or if he has the closest number to blackjack.
My opinion you can ✋ the dealer amd make him bust if you can get a good split of pairs. split them. more odds. more cards.
Now for instant if the player blackjacks. i believe the ratio amd percent of chance is in your favor

Comment from : Isaiah Prater

Joe Kelly
Very good. Thank you!
Comment from : Joe Kelly

This seems so complicated.
Comment from : Chroma

Sonu Singh
Nice teaching
Comment from : Sonu Singh

1000th Subscriber!
Comment from : Jack

Harry Turner
Thank You.
Comment from : Harry Turner

Jacob Butler
Bobby booshay is the dealer here
Comment from : Jacob Butler

Jake McGrae
is this monoaural audio ?
Comment from : Jake McGrae

kl. johnny
Not knowing HOW to play casino Blackjack Where the house/casino has the DOUBLE ADVANTAGE over the bettor is the BEST/smartest non-knowledge to hv!
Comment from : kl. johnny

Daniel Hursey
Didn't show the poker side bet :)
Comment from : Daniel Hursey

Gary chiu
problem is... he didnt ask for insurance whether he had an ace or picture card... poor guide.. rubbish dealer
Comment from : Gary chiu

Matt G
Best blackjack video on YouTube, very helpful for a rookie player
Comment from : Matt G

Timothy Kieper
Object of game is to beat the dealer, not getting closest to 21
Comment from : Timothy Kieper

Krisztián Barics
Аsk me hоw tо win lоttеrу ppррrizes in 9 оout оf 10 gаmееs!
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Comment from : Krisztián Barics

Robert Brandywine
Why would you double down? What is the advantage to the player?
Comment from : Robert Brandywine

Lmao, what a shitty shoe.
Comment from : Alfred

Joe 357
Comment from : Joe 357

Diamond Jay
Very informative !! Thanks

Update: it's been almost a year since I've learned to play and I've been killing it at the Casino. Became a great player 😀

Comment from : Diamond Jay

Hello, I would like to use this video for an advertisement that children mustn't play. I work at an advertising agency in Berlin. Please give me an answer. Thank you very much. With best regards, Suzuki
Comment from : 鈴木光

Kerry Craig
kerry craig
Comment from : Kerry Craig

Jan Davidson
The best and most easily understood blackjack tutorial I've seen yet. Excellent instruction with clear pointers.
Comment from : Jan Davidson

"dealer must play to 16' sound like he should stop there , not go further...but thats not how its done...
Comment from : wotan237

Drill Movement
Oh wow this is so simple any idiot can lose his money
Comment from : Drill Movement

I don't like how table pops up and down
Comment from : tips

Adam Vacura
theres a phone on the table at 10:25. i thought that wasn't allowed.
Comment from : Adam Vacura

Maxım Marketıng
Comment from : Maxım Marketıng

Al May
do you have to stay for the entire shoe? or can I leave before the shoe is over? how long does a shoe usually last?
Comment from : Al May

Dk K
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Comment from : Dk K

I'm trying to make a blackjack program, just to test card game mechanics xP
Comment from : Tony

ALWAYS/ONLY SPLIT ACES!! DOUBLE DOWN ON 2 PAIRS OF 5s!! Other then that always hit on on other pairs!! NEVER TAKE INSURANCE!!! APPLY BASIC STRATE!!!
Comment from : RedNasty7

What a beautiful game!
Comment from : ImlekSutra

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