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What math class is this!? Lol
Comment from : BengiKayScarlet

he's the one from sex education!
Comment from : T15beats

Mimo Milodé
Name of the movie??
Comment from : Mimo Milodé

OsCar Cordozo
Was there smth to worry or cry ???
Comment from : OsCar Cordozo


Comment from : AlphaCore

Han Solo
I understood all of it

Except for the question and the answer bit

Comment from : Han Solo

David Djokash
So why is this a math problem
Comment from : David Djokash

tae tae
What movie??
Comment from : tae tae

Lazy Soilder
Not easy until you transform it to Binary form. Then 😃😃.
Comment from : Lazy Soilder

Syi el
What's film?
Comment from : Syi el

Not only is Otis in this video but James from the end of the f***ing world is here 1:25
Comment from : Zelpazz

lucky ME
this is BULLSHIT 🤣
Comment from : lucky ME

Daniella Bayro
Why does it has to be so epic, is a math exercise
Comment from : Daniella Bayro

Papa Papa
Comment from : Papa Papa

_David123_ plo
This movie is actually teaching you how to play a violin
Comment from : _David123_ plo

Republic of Gamers
The girl likes the boy. All I can say
Comment from : Republic of Gamers

Edwin First
Me a mathematic lover : why there's people who hate math
Comment from : Edwin First

Is that the kid from sex education?
Comment from : awzsphoenixYT

Music was not loud enough because I still could hear some words being said.
Comment from : SeeItHappen

Kate Murray
1:25 omg that’s the guy from end of the fucking world to your right at front 😂
Comment from : Kate Murray

mga bata nakakatawa
He use binary number
Comment from : mga bata nakakatawa

Oceans 11,12,13, Now You See me love this fuckin movie. Be Inspired
Comment from : DARKWEB

nathan : bla bla bla...

me : He Is A Super Genius !!
(clapping my hand without understanding a single word)

at least violin makes my stupidity look's epic xD

Comment from : FictionMind

daniele tamburello
Comment from : daniele tamburello

Death Reload
I don't really get it.....what was so revolutionary about him answering this easy ass question.
Comment from : Death Reload

Nathaniel Lehman
It's weird hearing my name used so frequently.
Comment from : Nathaniel Lehman

XdHmxz Lol
1:25 the guy in the front in the middle row is from a series called The End Of The Fucking World
Comment from : XdHmxz Lol

Had to replay the video a couple times to understand what he's saying cause the damn music was raping my ears.
Comment from : Jeeses99

23 million views of a violin screaming over a kid explaining something. What a time to be alive
Comment from : Klaus

Varill The Scarlet Dragon
Violin screams
Comment from : Varill The Scarlet Dragon

Krayton h
This pops up in my recommended once every few months and I always end up watching it for some reason
Comment from : Krayton h

Official GaleDoesMusic
I couldn't understand anything .-.
Comment from : Official GaleDoesMusic

Ty Lxne
Comment from : Ty Lxne

Kowpex GD
This was the most dramatic scene I've ever seen in my entire life
Comment from : Kowpex GD

No Thanks
Comment from : No Thanks

HypeR X TentioN
is he the one who is in the movie time freak?
Comment from : HypeR X TentioN

Rupesh Chavan
I studied English But this is beyond my limit.....
Comment from : Rupesh Chavan

Loco Busters
This is dumb
Comment from : Loco Busters

broad minded
Fuck Chinese
Comment from : broad minded

White Owl
This is what ender is doing before committing genocide in some another ants planet
Comment from : White Owl

Connor Hogan
I don't understand the magnitude of the situation was he mentally retarded or some shit
Comment from : Connor Hogan

DTV ninja
It's smart the problem is that if the face down card were 0 the it wouldn't work so technically it's stupid
Comment from : DTV ninja

Dipu barui
What is flim name?
Comment from : Dipu barui

Domantas Baublys
Imagine the teacher would say "incorrect"
Comment from : Domantas Baublys

ashish pareek
Why the bloody nonsense music in there to make a really good scene an utterly pathetic thing to watch.
Comment from : ashish pareek

Setyawaan Muhammad
What dude? I completly cant hear what he saying
Comment from : Setyawaan Muhammad

Pezón de Aquiles _
Jaja no se inglés
Comment from : Pezón de Aquiles _

I dont get it
Comment from : SwadChannel

Fatima Alhabshi
Me: does a math final
No one:
Not even trump
YouTube: lets put it in her recommendations

Comment from : Fatima Alhabshi

this is copied from kadhal konden movie (indian)tamil film
Comment from : LEMURIAN MEMES

Siti Liza
I just can😮😮😮
Comment from : Siti Liza

pizza pizaa
What the hell is he saying?
Comment from : pizza pizaa

This only works for an even number of cards
Comment from : SoloStudios

dabria durant
Comment from : dabria durant

Math equation: Exists
Violin: I'm boutta end this mans whole career

Comment from : Assgoblin97

Shivam Dwivedi
I got the whole situation..

Teacher :
Nathan : Help me god!!
God : Don't worry!! I am sending Voilin for your help.
Voilin : loud music
Teacher : because...
Nathan : because uzujzuzuzuazjndmaanna
Teacher : Good work...Everyone Claps!!
Nathan : Thank You Voilin!!

Comment from : Shivam Dwivedi

Channel of Randomness
The violin just got louder and louder🗿
Comment from : Channel of Randomness

Cheopsuey 8o8
All i heard was: 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻
Comment from : Cheopsuey 8o8

What movie?
Comment from : V J

Pelikán Vodní
Everyone: Tries to focus on math
Everyone's brain: Focus on violin
My brain: Mathan

Comment from : Pelikán Vodní

Mr. UnXpected
2:17 For those not understand what he talked about because of the violin😂 here what he said:

That means? Which means that sequence must terminate. Because? Because you can't keep taking away from a positive without it become negative

Comment from : Mr. UnXpected

Tuionuku Afu
Comment from : Tuionuku Afu

Twerking Panda
So basically understanding the turning of the cards is equivalent to understanding the binary code or its just a way to comprehend the mathematical problem. Either way the solution, i had no idea what he said
Comment from : Twerking Panda

Keith Flagg
Is this supposed to be hard
Comment from : Keith Flagg

xX Katexzpgacha Xx
Is it just me or does he look like Jake from Miss Peregrine’s house for peculiar children?
Comment from : xX Katexzpgacha Xx

Shifan Samsideen
movie name plzz...
Comment from : Shifan Samsideen

Simse Bimse
when a retarded 3rd grade question is answered with a violin playing make it seem intelligent
The only reason this is hard for people to understand is because they use terms that are usually found in programming such as binary and integers. Dank shit nonetheless

Comment from : Simse Bimse

MR. Tadpoles
ดูแล้วน้ำตาจะไหล ไม่ได้ซึ้งนะ ผมฟังไม่รู้เรื่อง😭😭😭
Comment from : MR. Tadpoles

George XMG
Otis?! Is that you??
Comment from : George XMG

Chace Shinohara
We don't think of it as cards but as numbers DDDDDDDDRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIII. DIIIIIIIIIII
Comment from : Chace Shinohara

Chace Shinohara
Usually there is a sequence of cards DDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIII. BBBBBRRRRRRR
Comment from : Chace Shinohara

Maitrish Chakraborty
hey whats the name of this movie
Comment from : Maitrish Chakraborty

me trying to explain parents online game cant be paused
Comment from : GAMING PARLOUR

Relaxing Storm
Nobody is bothered about who is using the violence I classroom
Comment from : Relaxing Storm

If you pick the worst possible option (ie, try to flip the least number of cards face up as possible (0)) it’s easy to show that this creates a direct sequence towards all being face up. Any variation will flip more cards, and if you regress back to trying to flip 0 cards face up you’ll create a similar sequence directly into all cards face up.
Comment from : h_

Mauri kk
Es una película o serie? Y como se llama?
Comment from : Mauri kk

Paul Muad'dib
music is too loud
Comment from : Paul Muad'dib

Shane Matteo Pittorru
"violin is gay"
Albert Einstein

Comment from : Shane Matteo Pittorru

logan hagerman
Smart ass
Comment from : logan hagerman

Name of the movie please ???
Comment from : GamingTV

JustARandomCountry :3
Whuts the movies name
Comment from : JustARandomCountry :3

And he is not chinesse?
Comment from : JeSuS132

Anfernee Manansala
Ayeee my dude Otis can do math and do sex therapy
Comment from : Anfernee Manansala

Gurudas Shinde
I hate this kind of background music
Comment from : Gurudas Shinde

Supreeth yadav
Movie name please
Comment from : Supreeth yadav

I haven’t seen this movie. So from my perspective, this is just some normal math class, with an overly dramatic violin playing aggressively over the top of the dialogue.
Comment from : Tom

Kevin ThePower
So what does it mean?
Comment from : Kevin ThePower

Tarik Delic
He lost me at the face down part
Comment from : Tarik Delic

Juan Ortiz
Fuck that that's wrong
Comment from : Juan Ortiz

Rez C7an
This man sounds like he be playing yu gi oh
Comment from : Rez C7an

math is just bean counting.
Comment from : theextremeviking

Yong Grey
After how many years, I finally understood what he did there.
Comment from : Yong Grey

He Salty
He’s smart💪🏾💯
Comment from : He Salty

Gabriel Fusco
Me: trying to focus on what’s happening
My brain: omg he’s the sex education guy

Comment from : Gabriel Fusco

Gabriel Lopes
I cant look at this teacher and dont remember that hancock villain
Comment from : Gabriel Lopes

Pilot S
what the fuck was all this? what is it doing in my recommended? still cool tho
Comment from : Pilot S

Odis Neco
does anyone know this soundtrack?
Comment from : Odis Neco

Wolf Dark
my name is Nathan yet i don't understand this
Comment from : Wolf Dark

Akram Khan
Name of this movie please??
Comment from : Akram Khan

Stephan Jones
The music is too loud. Couldn't hear what he was saying.
Comment from : Stephan Jones

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